‘Great Day TV’: Visit Indiana 💥👩👩💥

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Each and every week, “Great Day TV” shares information, entertainment, and news you can use.

This week, Patty Spitler, host of “Great Day TV,” was joined by Amy Howell, director of tourism and marketing for Visit Indiana.

Howell says Visit Indiana is all about promoting the state as a great place to live, work, study, stay, and play.

“You can visit the Dunes in Indiana, you can study at a college in Indiana. It’s about being simple, it’s about being personal and it’s about promoting Indiana — not only visiting Indiana but living your life and being a part of it,” Howell said.

The state recently launched a new tourism campaign called ‘IN Indiana’ and state leaders want everyone to get involved, according to Howell.

“We just want to let everybody know that there’s more to discover in Indiana. Whatever you’re looking for, there is a place in Indiana to go, whether that’s to learn study, stay, play–whatever it is,” Howell said.

The campaign is part of a big summer marketing push, Howell says.

“Everybody wants to travel in the summer and if you don’t visit, then you don’t know what’s out there. Our whole saying is, ‘It starts with a visit.’ If you visit, you may want to live here, you might want to work here, you might want to study here. So it really, truly is about that visit and people that visit here end up loving it here.”

‘Great Day TV’: Visit Indiana

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