Couple cremates son who died by suicide, abscond πŸ’₯πŸ‘©πŸ‘©πŸ’₯

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BENGALURU: Cremating a man who had died by suicide, without informing the police, has landed around 10 people, including his parents, in trouble. The body was cremated on Sunday morning in the fields of the main accused, off Magadi Road. Tipped off, police rushed to the spot and saw the family preparing to place the body on the pyre. Seeing the police, they hurriedly pushed the corpse onto the pyre and set it alight, before fleeing the spot.

The incident took place between 9.45am and 11.30am on Sunday, near Kallerapalya check dam. The deceased, N Jagadish, had hanged himself from a tree in Huchappanagudde. He was the son of Nagaraju and Padma, the main suspects. After bringing his son’s body down, Nagaraju, with the help of others, shifted it to his field near the dam.

Around 11.30am, policemen Krishnappa and Muthuraj got a tip-off about arrangements being made to cremate a body. After learning that the deceased had committed suicide, they rushed to the spot as investigation is mandatory in such cases, followed by a postmortem. The accused are said to have escaped after setting the pyre on fire. β€œThe reason behind the man’s death is yet to be ascertained. The suspects, who are absconding, include the parents and relatives of the deceased. As it is a criminal offence, all of them will be arrested,” said the police.

A case of omission to give notice or information to a public servant by a person legally bound to give it (IPC 176) and causing disappearance of evidence of offence, or giving false information to screen offender (IPC 201) has been registered.

Couple cremates son who died by suicide, abscond

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